Boston Scarlette

I specialize in usability testing, accessibility audits and discovering unique experiences. I'm a hunter for new experiences, and once went Olympic bobsledding. I'm not sure where I got my sense of adventure from, but I have sphere of people who influence my being and who I am as a designer.


My brother, dad and mom shaped how I view the world. And the strength they instilled gave me the courage to embrace the world. I decided I wanted to make it a better place for all to experience, and use UX research and design to accomplish it. When I'm not in my element as a UXer, I am living my best life in Charlotee. I thrive on meeting new people, exploring parks, discovering new restaurants and spending time with family. 


Source of Empathy

My brother Marc is my deepest source of empathy. He gives strength through his unique lens as an autistic person and passion for life. His favorite sport is basketball, and he showed me everyone can play by their own rules. As a result I have learned to embrace change, rise to challenges and listen to personal journey's of everyone I meet. I feel my desire to try new things, like bobsledding, stem from my wish that he could experience them too. This influenced me to champion accessible and inclusive design. 


Provokes Convergent Thinking

"The sky and cost of living" is my father's favorite punchline. His cynical humor is indicative of his analytical nature, and sobering conversations for dreamers. He will quickly make you return to reality after sharing your big dreams. I have learned that he is not wrong, but that this process of thinking has its place and time. And when designing, there are moments when we need to converge and create focused results. 


Inspires Divergent Thinking

"I wonder" is my mother's go to placeholder for initiating conversations. It is her portal phrase to think bigger, and find solutions. Her approach on life is where I learned to dream. And those dreams create room for new ideas to be born. I have learned to dream big, and think bigger. In my design process, this is useful in solving edge cases and creating out of the box solutions.